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What some people consider to be a disturbing trend is actually proving to be advantageous to a lot of wealthy men and younger women from across the globe. According to dating experts, sugar daddy dating is proving to be the second most popular dating trend in the United States, second only to senior dating.

If statistics are taken into consideration, about 84 percent of female users found on these websites are college students who seek decent allowance from rich men in order to fulfill their needs of accommodation and tuition. While it wouldn’t be fair to blame the entire trend on one particular aspect, we have accumulated multiple reasons that have eventually led to the growth of this segment of online dating.

The increasing importance of higher education: A decade ago, a person holding a bachelor’s degree was considered well – educated and capable of bagging a great job. However, things have changed drastically over the years, primarily due to the onslaught of foreign students pouring into America. With the rise in competition, the value of higher educational degrees such as Master’s and PhDs has increased. Given the fact that the cost of higher education isn’t any cheap, young women are forced to take financial assistance from sugar daddies.

Increasing cost of education: University education isn’t just about tuition fee. Leading global universities that promise of global exposure and state of the art research facilities require students to shell out a great deal of money. Despite the fact that education loans are easily available, students often find repaying them a herculean task. This is why attractive and young women seek the companionship of an older and wealthy man in order to fulfill their financial needs.

Peer Pressure: When people hailing from all walks of life move to developed nations such as the United States or the United Kingdom, they witness a massive shift in lifestyle. Younger girls often succumb to pressure put on by people around them and are forced to boost up their lifestyle by incorporating a host of changes that require a lot of money. This is why these young girls prefer getting into an arrangement with a man who would cater to their financial needs.

Sugar daddy – sugar baby relationships are known to be very convenient as both men and women are allowed to have a life companion or partner outside of this relationship. Furthermore, the allowances are predetermined and the chances of anything going wrong are bleak.

All in all, it can be said that the growing lifestyle needs of women is to be blamed for the rising trend of sugar daddy dating.

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