beautiful women date less attractive men

You might have come across a lot of insanely hot women hanging out with less attractive guys and cursed your fate. You might have also wondered as to why don’t women date men who complement them when it comes to physical appearance. Well, according to experts the internal wiring of men and women are said to be responsible than this. Innumerable studies have shown that men value looks higher than their female counterparts. Various surveys have also indicated that women look well beyond physical appearance when it comes to choosing a life companion. According to dating experts, these are the reasons why beautiful women date less attractive guys.

Expectations from the relationship differ: While both men and women might want to have sex with a super model, looks aren’t the only criterion while choosing a life partner. Dating experts believe women tend to find men who are interesting and talented, more engaging than a person who is handsome but has absolutely no substance. A person without knowledge is a complete turn off. Besides, women look out for men who possess compassion and emotional fluency. In addition, most women look out for a partner who can take responsibility for his actions and make a healthy contribution to the relationship, both financially and emotionally.

The society has misinterpreted ‘beautiful’: The media has always told women to work on their physical appearance if they’re looking to attract a potential mate. Magazines have told women to be slimmer, given tips to make their skin look flawless and suggested dresses that men find sexy. It goes without saying that there is a great deal of pressure on women to look better and meet standards that are set by the society. It is also worth mentioning that men seldom come across the same kind of scrutiny. The tremendous amount of focus on outer beauty often distracts our attention from the person’s inner beauty.

Looks do matter: Like it or not, looks do matter, at least for a woman. Women consider their own physical appearance more important to that of a man, probably because it has become a norm in the society. This is considered as another aspect of social interaction where women who are beautiful are treated better and prosper in professional environments. It is unfortunate that when it comes to being a woman, looks do carry weight and it is one aspect you cannot take for granted. While being beautiful isn’t all that matter, but there is no denying the fact that it does give you an unfair advantage in the society.

Being more attractive in a relationship is an ego booster: Various researches have suggested that women don’t focus on attractiveness as much as men do. It has been observed that women are likelier to choose less attractive partners. As a matter of fact, this has promoted more secure relationships. This rightly supports the theory of evolution too, wherein women have evolved seeking out what they need. They have a better understanding of what qualities make the man ideal for mating and it is only when men stand up to the expectations that they’re chosen to be a life partner.

Looks don’t play a pivotal role for a woman because it isn’t something that would help them make ends meet and teach their children the importance of values. So, next time you see a woman getting into a coffee shop with a not-so-attractive male, don’t be quick to judge, for there is a reason why she has chosen him. There is certainly more than what meets the eye.

The ‘ugly’ guy accompanying that gorgeous woman might be sweet, caring and highly educated. In addition, he might have a sense of humor akin to that of Mr. Bean. According to a woman, superficial beauty in a partner isn’t all that matters. In fact, she is on the hunt for a reliable companion who could be with her through thick and thin. So, think twice before you judge someone for the way they look.

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