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There comes a moment in every sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship where talking about allowance becomes a dreaded topic of discussion. Most sugar babies are afraid that they’d be perceived as too greedy in case they talk about allowances during the initial stages of a relationship.

If the idea of discussing about allowances terrifies you, don’t worry as you aren’t the only one. This is completely natural as most of us aren’t experienced at asking for money or negotiating gracefully. Nevertheless, a little practice and a few tips from experts would make it a breeze to get through these discussions.

Never decide your worth

Most sugar babies make the mistake of comparing themselves with other sugar babies out there in order to determine how much they’re worth. They not only assess their physical appearance but also the ability to keep the interest of the other person based on previous experiences. If this is what you’ve been doing, you haven’t understood the idea of allowances.

Allowances should always be determined based on how much attention you can give to your man in addition to the amount of time you can spare. It has NOTHING to do with your looks.

Set your range

Thanks to the inception of sugar daddy dating sites, this can now be done online. As a matter of fact, leading websites give users the option of defining the allowance range as part of the registration process. Calculating the range is a fairly simple process. All you need to do is sum up your expenses – rent, utility bills, food and tuition. You may then add a few luxury expenses to it as well.

It is to be borne in mind that the range you set should be independent of your potential sugar daddy. Depending on the allowance amount, you may then start looking for the ideal companion.

Get comfortable asking for what you want

Now that you have decided the allowance range, it is time to ask for it without any hesitation. You are certainly going to feel awkward while asking for a few thousand of dollars from a stranger but this is precisely why the concept of sugar daddy dating exists. This will require some practice but once you’re comfortable, asking for anything wouldn’t be a herculean task.

Confidence is key

According to psychologists, men are usually blunt when it comes to bargaining. So, go in with the expectation that he is going to give what you ask for. At the same time, you don’t have to justify the need for $x,xxx each month. You don’t need to tabulate your expenses for him. Even if he asks, it would be wise to stick to something ridiculously simple such as the rising cost of living and your desire to save a little more. Above all, keep a constant smile so you dilute the seriousness of the discussion.

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