beautiful women date less attractive men

You might have come across a lot of insanely hot women hanging out with less attractive guys and cursed your fate. You might have also wondered as to why don’t women date men who complement them when it comes to physical appearance. Well, according to experts the internal wiring of men and women are said to be responsible than this. Innumerable studies have shown that men value looks higher than their female counterparts. Various surveys have also indicated that women look well beyond physical appearance when it comes to choosing a life companion. According to dating experts, these are the reasons why beautiful women date less attractive guys. • Expectations from the relationship differ: While both men and women might[…]

dating beautiful woman

It is human tendency to be over-judgmental. This is why a lot of men, on coming across women who are absolutely stunning feel they’re out of their league. It is a common misconception that beautiful women only like the company of attractive men. However, it has been observed that unlike men, women don’t lay a great deal of emphasis on physical appearances. On the contrary, they look out for qualities that make a better human being and a person who would add value to the relationship. In this article, we discuss the benefits of dating a beautiful woman. • Showing off: Pretty things are fun to show off, aren’t they? Dating a stunner would certainly grab quite a few eyeballs.[…]

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What some people consider to be a disturbing trend is actually proving to be advantageous to a lot of wealthy men and younger women from across the globe. According to dating experts, sugar daddy dating is proving to be the second most popular dating trend in the United States, second only to senior dating. If statistics are taken into consideration, about 84 percent of female users found on these websites are college students who seek decent allowance from rich men in order to fulfill their needs of accommodation and tuition. While it wouldn’t be fair to blame the entire trend on one particular aspect, we have accumulated multiple reasons that have eventually led to the growth of this segment of[…]