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Who We Are

Suga Dady

Launched on November 19, 2016, SugaDady.com offers a totally free platform for attractive female and male to date up and live their life to the fullest, as well as for rich men and women to connect with attractive and beautiful people for mutually beneficial relationships.

We are a team that manages SugarDaddySite.org, a blog site that offers unbiased reviews of best sugar daddy sites and dating tips for free. The blog site has been online for 2 years, and we've made it a top sugar baby lifestyle blog on Google and on the web. We've helped hundreds of thousands of sugar daters find the leading sugar daddy websites. Yet we find there is unsatisfied need.

Why We Are Here

Sugar Baby

Leading sugar daddy sites are usually expensive to use. Membership fees vary from $50 a month to $70 a month, which many of our sugar baby readers couldn't afford to buy. While the majority of sugar daters are sugar babies, sugar daddies usually take less than 15% of a sugar daddy website's user base. How could you really land a sugar daddy if you can't afford to buy premium membership to talk to sugar daddies? That's why we wanted to launch a free sugar daddy site for our readers.

While many sugar daddy sites often reject gay sugar daddies, male sugar babies, and sugar daters from developing countries (because they think users from those areas are less likely to pay), SugaDady is simply for anyone.

What We Do & How We Do It

Here are types of relationships you can find on SugaDady.com:
- Female Sugar Baby & Male Sugar Daddy;
- Female Sugar Baby & Sugar Momma;
- Male Sugar Baby & Sugar Momma;
- Male Sugar Baby & Gay Sugar Daddy;

While we are doing this for free, we also try to do it best:
- We have managed to set up a website, a mobile version, and two free apps for iPhone and Android phone;
- We started with shared hosting. To make our site and app load fast, we have moved to dedicated hosting;
- To ensure the safety and quality of the community, we screen profiles and photos everyday;
- We try to add more features so our users can have fun. As a founder who can only code html5 and css, hiring engineers to code php and java is pricey;
- We also offer free live support and email support in case you meet any problems when using our site and app.

What We Want

Help Suga Dady

We want our users to understand that SugaDady is very new but the community is growing fast. If you don't find plenty of sugar daters in your area, check back soon because hundreds of new members join us everyday. If you appreciate what we are offering for free, how about to do us a favor by leaving positive ratings and reviews on Google Play and Apple App Store? It will greatly help the app to get visual and make the community grow even faster! And if you have suggestions for us, don't hesitate to drop us a note via email.

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